The Cemetery

LANCSF Cemetery


The Cemetery is located at 950 South Sepulveda Boulevard just north of Wilshire Boulevard.  The first interment dates to a few days prior to the May 22, 1889, dedication of the cemetery. It consists of 114.5 acres and as of Fiscal Year 2013, the number of interments was 85,604.

There are 14 Medal of Honor recipients interred here along with two unusual canine burials.  Although this practice is prohibited today, Old Bonus, an adopted War Dog and pet of residents in the soldier’s home and Blackout, a war dog wounded in the pacific during World War II, are both buried here along with their handlers.

Other notable burials include over 100 Buffalo Soldiers. These African American soldiers were members of the 9th, 10th, 24th and 25th Cavalry during the Civil War and Nicholas P. Earp, father of Wyatt Earp.


Some of the built features are unusual, including an administration building / Chapel, 1939 – 1940, and the NCA’s only indoor Columbarium, 1940 – 1941, both built by the Works Progress Administration in a distinctive Spanish Revival style of stucco and tile.  Additional features include a Pergola, Commemorative Monument erected by the Spanish-American War Veterans in 1902. There are several Memorials and Markers along with the Rose Garden Ossuary for scattering of cremated remains which was added in 1997.